What to expect in 2023

Photography (main image) © Alt Wedding Co

With the 2023 wedding season fast approaching & if you’re planning your wedding this year, you’re in for a treat. Every wedding is completely different & every year we see jaw dropping wedding trends. 

Bold Colours

As the Spring Season approaches, one of the biggest trends that I’m predicting for this year is bold & unique colour palettes. I’m hoping to see colourful gowns & daring and unforgettable colour schemes that reflect our couples personalities.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some out of the ordinary colour schemes. And remember, it’s your wedding, so anything goes. 

Photography © Jess Rose

Ceremony Decor

Another big trend I’m excited to see this year is creative ceremony backdrops. We’ve already seen outside of the box thinking when it comes to couples ceremony decor & I love it. The floral visions will be greater & grander than every.

From hanging greenery to a statement arch, there are endless ways to make your ceremony space unique. Just imagine the photos.

Photography © Becky Garland


Your wedding reception should always be fun & a memorable celebration of your marriage, so take your time choosing the perfect entertainment for you. We’ve seen fire breathers & acrobats to singing waiters & drag queens, there are so many unique & interactive entertainers to keep the spirits hight.

Something I’m yet to see at a wedding is wedding artwork created live during the day. I first noticed the trend on TikTok & I cannot wait to see my first one.

Photography © Christina

Late night snacks 

We see lots of couples hoping for a more laidback & casual wedding, where guests can really mingle with each other. It’s always nice to have surprises scattered throughout the day for your guests but why stop there? Why not bring out a snack table in the evening to keep everyone going? 

I’m hoping to see a lot more fire pits with roasting marshmallows and s’mores at the ready. Also, cheeseboards, who doesn’t love a bit of picky food at the end of an evening?

Photography © Angharad Thomas


Being a Woodland Retreat, sustainability is always always so nice to see. Although I believe that we should all take deliberate steps towards being environmentally friendly, I do understand that your wedding day is something you’ve been dreaming of for years & it is still an elaborate affair.

In 2023, I am hoping to see more couples being inclined towards greener choices & up cycling different details to make them a part of their special day.

Photography © Becky Garland

Photography © Tia Sandry