Let Them Eat Cake

Photography © Alt Wedding Co

Choosing your wedding cake is often one the couple’s favourite parts of the wedding planning. It’s definitely the yummiest. However, there are many different things to think about, it can sometimes be trickier than you may expect.

Struggling to find a design that you love? 

Why not look on Pinterest, my personal “wedding cake” album is forever growing & changing. There are quite literally thousands & thousands of different designs & styles on there for you to have a look through. And if you can’t narrow it down to just the one cake why not have a desert table instead? Two, or three cakes is always better than one.

Photography © Becky Garland

Photography © Becky Garland

Being honest with your budget

Getting the best wedding cake for your budget is all about communication & trust. It is so important that once you’ve found your cake baker you tell them your budget & the ideas you have in mind. They will make sure they give you the very best cake that doesn’t break the bank.

How many tiers

The amount of guests you’re hoping to serve cake to is far more important that how many tiers you need to have. Speak with your cake maker & ask how many tiers is enough to ensure that you have plenty of cake to serve all your guests without having too much left over & going to waste. If you have always dreamt of a grand cake with many layers but you don’t want any waste, ask your cake maker if they could add some fake layers.

Choosing your cake maker with care

Lastly, choosing the perfect cake baker is crucial. Just like fashion designers, they all have their own styles & techniques, so it’s vital that your baker fits in with your tastes. Here at Gellifawr we have our own in-house baker, Sarah at Honeysuckle Bakery, she has not once failed to impress with her wedding cakes & favours. Sarah is flexible enough to work with any style & I can guarantee you & your guests will be left with the best memories of your cake.

A little message from Sarah

Making wedding cakes & being such a big part of someones most special day is a feeling like no other. I love getting to meet with all my couples and discussing all things cake. Every single cake that I have had the pleasure of making has been completely different & I love a new challenge.