6 Reasons to have an Autumn wedding in West Wales

I’m a massive fan of out-of-season weddings, mainly because I’m obsessed with soft lighting. Like those perfect moments when it’s just rained and the clouds disappear leaving this incredible golden autumnal light that smashes through the clouds. This light also helps accentuate the tones of the golden yellow, red and brown autumn leaves, nothing is better (well okay maybe 28° at 8pm on an empty beach for sunset, but it’s definitely a close second).

The colour of the season.

Everyone loves autumn and its gorgeous colours; think dried flowers, big orange pumpkins, golds, crisp reds and browns.The autumn leaves provide a dreamy outdoor backdrop for your wedding photographs. Or if you are heading to the coast for your couple photos then the coastal foliage of rusty brown bracken creates a dramatic autumnal vibe.

It could rain!! Amazingly, I LOVE THE RAIN (being Welsh it’s in the blood, I suppose).

Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed if it rains because you and I will be prepared for it. The issue with summer weddings, as great as they are, is that everyone thinks the sun will shine. As you know this is often not the case, this is Wales after all, so it’s best to be prepared for it to avoid any unwanted stress on the day.

Fewer Tourist

We can go to the most beautiful locations in West Wales and be ALONE, very tricky in the summer months.  I mean in the middle of summer I can photoshop out most but this way you won’t have to get the romance on while being watched by 10 children covered in ice cream. Also, it is much easier for your friends and family to find local accommodation, oh and Autumn is cheaper and you won’t have to book 2 years in advance!


Yep, your dream venue, photographer and even your florist could still available for next year! But you could book a wedding today and be married within a few months. Seriously, I just asked the wedding coordinator at Gellifawr in Pembrokeshire, and they have availability this season!

So let’s think about your guests, who won’t be on summer holidays, and their kids will be back in school. Also, it won’t be a Christmas break so your loved ones will be more available.


Layers, sleeves, and shawls, maybe even a faux fur wrap. We all know how on-trend long sleeves are and give’s you more fabric to swoon over.

So where’s the best autumn wedding venue in West Wales?

Well, if you’re looking to book a wedding venue, I recommend a woodland one to capture all the trees and golden lighting. So, Gellifwar Woodland Reteat is top of my list, and actually where all these photos were taken. It is situated in the Gwaun valley.

Article by: Christina

It’s always a pleasure working alongside Christina. At Gellifawr we love working closely with Christina on our private shoots, to create breathtaking images & at weekly weddings with our lovely couples.
We first worked with Christina in October 2021 when we opened our ceremony room, Seren yn Codi, & we have seen her here at Gellifawr every week since.
Thank you, Christina, for all your continued hard work. We love having you here at Gellifawr. You have become such a big part of our team & we look forward to continuing working alongside you.