Planning a DIY wedding?

Planning a DIY wedding allows you to have complete control over every little aspect of your celebration. From your ceremony decor to your wedding breakfast table decorations & everything else in between. In complete honesty, tackling your wedding planning DIY-style is a pretty big task for any couple to take on but the outcome is so much more rewarding.

While a DIY wedding has its benefits, like the potential to save money & seeing your own visions come to life, it can also lead to some stressful moments without the right knowledge. 

Planning a DIY wedding might not be a walk in the park but we can certainly try to make it a little easier for you. I have listed some small tips below for you to consider for a seamless DIY wedding.

Photography © tiasandryphotography

Photography © tiasandryphotography

Organisation is key

Good organisation is key to avoiding stress & feeling overwhelmed as a DIY king or queen. Remember, planning a wedding from scratch means you’re partly responsible for jugging all aspects.

Before you dive head first into your DIY wedding planning, take a moment to get some deadlines & boundaries in place to simplify your planning. Start by creating your master to-do list in one easily accessible place. You can download digital wedding planners as well as hand written ones, just find what suits you best. Then, map out a wedding planning timeline with deadlines for each task. This will help you keep track of everything you have going on & keep you on top of exactly what needs to be done & when it needs to be done by.

Personal tip: Don’t procrastinate on your planning… Set yourself some easily achievable tasks each week & try to get things ticked off before your deadline. This will honestly feel so good.

Photography © kemradfordphotography

Photography © tiasandryphotography

Vision boards 

As a DIY bride, it can be very easy to get caught up in the smaller details of wedding planning while overlooking the bigger picture. Keep every detail on track by creating a dedicated vision board at the very beginning of the planning process. An up to date vision board will help you make quick styling decisions and ensure the end result is everything you’ve always imagined.

Top tip: Pinterest… We all have a Pinterest account & once you start searching for your styles & the wedding vibe that you’re dreaming of, the algorithm will be your best friend in showing you exactly what you want to see. But don’t forget to add your own personal details to make your day your very own.

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Delegating tasks will be essential for your sanity when planning your DIY wedding. Your loved ones will likely be more than happy to help out whenever they can, but just remember there’s a fine line between delegating & dictating… Try to delegate small & simple jobs that can easily be achieved before your day and don’t forget to give your helpers & your team a special shoutout during your speeches 

Jobs to delegate:

  • Researching suppliers 
  • Deliveries & pickups – collecting your dress or suits / delivering your decorations to your wedding venue 
  • Venue set up 
  • Rounding up guests for family photos on the day 
  • Creating your playlists

Photography © kemradfordphotography

Photography © kemradfordphotography


Make sure you budget correctly. Try your best to calculate exactly what you need and then maybe double it – just to be safe. Unless you have made DIY items before, it can be tricky to know exactly how much you need. Also, factor in for times it could potentially go wrong, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Believe me, a singular can of spray paint never goes as far as you’d think.

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Don’t overfill your plate

Here at Gellifawr we have a list of our own decorations that you’re more than welcome to hire from us. Finding the little things can sometimes be difficult. Invest your money where it’s worth it… sometimes its more beneficial to hire our chair bows than trying to source them yourself. Speak with one of our coordinators & discuss the variety of decorations we have here. Having a coordinator sort & decorate your sweet cart is a big thing to have some help with.

We always try to help you out where it counts & decorating our fireplace is something we take great pride in. Enquire about the decorations that we have around the venue in the season of your wedding & it could save you some money you didn’t even realise needed saving.

Photography © kemradfordphotography

Photography © taylaandcophotography

Putting your heart into it

DIY the things you enjoy. If it becomes a labour, you want it to be a labour of love, not of “I wish I’d never started it”… And don’t always strive for perfection, DIY’ing your decor should be a fun experience. 

Planning the perfect DIY wedding might seem overwhelming at first, but its totally achievable with the right mindset, good organisation & some helpful tools by your side.

Good luck – you’ve got this!