Indoor Ceremony Essentials

Tip number one – utilising your flowers arrangements.

Why not try using your flower arrangements throughout the entire day, to get the most of what you’ve paid for. Moving your aisle decorations after your ceremony & incorporating them into your table centrepieces can help tie the day together.

Indoor weddings are magical & full of charm, but there can be a lot of details to consider. Our wedding coordinators are always on hand to help plan any essentials you may need to make your day that extra bit special.

Photography © Christina

Your all important flower arrangements. Arrangements that you’ve been searching on Pinterest or instagram for since a young age.

Tip number two – natural lighting.

When choosing your indoor ceremony venue, always consider the lighting. Being surrounded by natural lighting makes for flawless photos no matter where your photographer is stood.

Photography © Tia Sandry

Capturing the first kiss as newlyweds is one of the most anticipated photos of the day & assuring your lighting is perfect is key.

Tip number three – creating an atmosphere.

Madi Phillips is a local violinist that frequently plays at Gellifawr & loves the acoustics in Seren yn Codi. Guests listening to Madi play all agree that the atmosphere that the violin creates is truly breathtaking.

Photography © Clixx Photography

Ceremony venues with perfect acoustics are a dream for any live music you plan on having to play you down the aisle.

Tip number four – less is more.

Seren yn Codi definitely does speak for itself & sometimes less really is more. You can always speak to your coordinator to discuss any extras that you do want to elevate the venue further

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, choosing a venue thats already decorated to a high standard really does make decorating further help.

Photography © Dale Evans