Wedding Tree Decor: 10 Instagrammable Ideas for Your Big Day

27th March 2018By Meg BRLatest news, Weddings

Turn your wedding into the ultimate Instagrammable woodland adventure with incredible wedding tree decor

Since we’ve sprinkled some fresh imagery across our website & social channels, we’ve had a lot of ‘heart eye emojis’ and soon-to-be-brides getting in touch – particularly about our festoon lights strung between 2 of our woodland trees.

Gellifawr Woodland Retreat - bridal couple in front of lights strung across trees

We’re so pleased that our lovely couples like them so much, and it led us to think a little more about beautiful ways to decorate trees. After all, we have plenty to play with!

So, to help inspire you, we’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of the most amazing wedding tree decor ideas.

Lights, polaroids, hanging lanterns & floral garlands – make your wedding as unique and natural as you!

#1 Hanging mason jars

Whether you buy them new, hunt them down in secondhand shops, or make your whole family eat nothing but jam for six months, mason jars are an easy way to add a kitschy vibe to your wedding. You can hang them from branches, place them by the roots, or event fill them with flowers (real or fake) for an extra sprinkling of spring loveliness.

Hanging mason jars filled with flowers


#2 Polaroid photos of your life together

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and an excuse to share old photos – from baby photos and awkward teen phases, to photos from your first date or engagement announcement. Pinning up some polaroids is a simple and cheap to show off your best snaps. All you need are the photos, some twine, and small wooden pegs!

Polaroid pictures around trees are a cute idea - wedding tree decor ideas


#3 Pretty up a tree swing with flower garlands

You can do more with flowers than holding and throwing them at the bridesmaids, like giving strings and swings an extra bit of colour. Luckily, we already have a swing on site! 😉 Want the ultimate photo op? Wrap whatever you want around it…

A pretty tree swing with flowers - wedding tree decor ideas


#4 Wrap your tree trunks in fairy lights

Okay, okay – fairy lights feature a lot. But no wonder, when they look this magical! This is an easier, cheaper option, using standard outdoor lights you can buy anywhere. They’re also a brilliant way to add an extra enchanting edge to any bit of decor – whether it’s trees, staircases, or the family dog…

Fairy lights on the tree - wedding tree decor ideas


#5 Turn your tree boughs and hidden spaces into a play area for children

Swings and lights together make a perfect place for children to play away from boring adults…
Plus they make the perfect backdrop for photos, so you can get plenty of shots of the kids in their cute wedding outfits!

A play area for kids under a tree - wedding tree decor ideas


#6 Give guests a key they can hang on a tree themselves

Make the wedding decorations a part of the celebration itself – who says dressing trees is only for Christmas?! Enclosing a key within the invitations for guests means they can feel more connected to your wedding, and help add an extra touch to your decor themselves.

Hanging key trinkets from guests - wedding tree decor ideas


#7 Hanging birdcages full of floral bouquets are perfect for a spring / summer wedding

If you want kitsch, shabby chic vibes, a birdcage with a bouquet inside adds quirkiness to your day. It’s also a great excuse to go hunting round the vintage & charity shops before your big day for those finishing touches.

Hanging birdcages from guests - wedding tree decor ideas

#8 Picture frames with key moments from your relationship

Turn our woodland into your own personal wedding wonderland with hanging photo frames and chalkboard messages. You can make an adventure of it by tucking your own little shrine of love away in the trees, so that your guests can stumble across it as they explore the grounds.

Picture frames on tree - wedding tree decor ideas

#9 Hold your ceremony beneath your favourite tree, with a make-your-own altar

Now this one we love! Keep things natural with a simple ceremony arch you can jazz up with flowers, lights and beads. It’s a simple and beautiful way to incorporate the stunning surroundings into your ‘I dos’ (plus the photos will be amazing!).

Tree altar and ceremony arch - wedding tree decor ideas

#10 Say what you want to say with hanging bunting

If you’re a couple of wordsmiths, sum up your adventure with bunting letters – it’ll be on Instagram within seconds! You can go for a classic ‘Mr & Mrs’ or ‘newydd briodi’, or opt for something more personal like a touching line from a poem, your favourite song lyric, or a movie quote you both love.

Hanging bunting and lettering - wedding tree decor ideas

Start your wedding adventure with us

Get in touch with us to enquire about availability and visiting us for the grand tour.


Whatever you do, make it magical

Our wedding team are on hand for advice & logistics, so you can run all your creative ideas past them to get the ball rolling.

However you’d like to dress your trees – whether it’s boho, natural vibes or something sharp, classy and bright – we’ll work with you to make it happen!

Get even more inspiration

Visit our ‘wedding tree decor’ Pinterest board for a huge pot of our ideas on how to make your woodland wedding amazing.

wedding tree decor ideas on Pinterest wedding tree decor ideas on Pinterest wedding tree decor ideas on Pinterest

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